What is a Travel Health Plan?

MN Health Staff Writer | June 10, 2021

A Travel Health Plan is a health insurance plan that, whether you are traveling abroad for vacation or spending an extended amount of time outside of the U.S., is worth considering. Insurance companies offer plans for a multitude of travel reasons such as short-term, long-term, medical emergency coverage, as well as international student trip and mission trip coverage. Travel Health Plans ensure that you’re covered no matter where you are in the world when you fall ill.  The premium of the travel health plan that you choose will generally be dependent upon how long you will be out of the country and your age.

 Travel health plans will cover a large range of things:

Example: You trip and fall while walking back to your hotel and sprain your ankle. Travel health insurance will help cover the costs associated with getting your ankle taken care of such as x-rays and a boot.

Example: You try out the street food and get food poisoning as a result. Your travel health plan will help you cover the costs of getting you back to 100%

Who should consider a travel health plan?

  • US Citizens going abroad
  • Visitors coming to the US
  • Business travelers heading overseas for an extended period
  • Long-term travelers
  • Missionaries
  • Foreign Aid workers
  • Anyone who is worried about becoming injured or ill while outside of their country

How to get a travel health plan:

Start by researching the different companies that offer travel health plans as well as the plans each company offers. Take a look at the benefits provided by each plan so that you can gain an understanding of what will be covered versus what won’t be covered. Certain plans will match better with your trip depending on the type of trip, the length of the trip, and the activities planned for the trip. Once you’re ready, you can contact the company and they will provide you a broker that will help you through making a final decision on a plan that is best for your situation and the process of getting enrolled in the plan.


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