COVID-19 Special Enrollment Period

MN Health Staff Writer | March 8, 2021

On February 16th MNsure started a three month special enrollment period that is open to all uninsured Minnesotans and anyone enrolled outside of MNsure. The enrollment period will run from February 16th to May 17th. If you are enrolled in a qualified health plan already through MNsure, you cannot use this special enrollment period.



When will my coverage start?


For the eligible Minnesotans, coverage will start the first of the month after you enroll in the plan. For example, if you enroll in a plan during the month of March, coverage will start on April 1st.


Can I apply for cost-saving benefits?


Eligible Minnesotans can still take advantage of applying for eligibility for public programs and advanced premium tax credits through the MNsure application.


In addition to this special enrollment period, Minnesotans who experience a qualifying life event such as loss of employer health insurance are still eligible for a special enrollment period year round.

It is important during the COVID-19 pandemic for every Minnesotan to have medical coverage. If you are eligible to enroll during this special enrollment period or have questions about your eligibility, we would be happy to help. As independent agents, we work will all the major carriers in Minnesota. This allows us to help you compare plans and get enrolled through MNsure, at no cost to you! For more information on how to apply or to discuss your options, please contact us today.

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