How to Report a Change in Income to MNsure

MN Health Staff Writer | August 19, 2020

Your financial assistance eligibility can be changed based on an increase or decrease in income. It is important to report these changes in household income because you could have the wrong level of financial aid or insurance plan.


Examples of changes in income to report:


  • New Job
  • Lose a Job
  • Change in Current Income
  • Change to your Projected Annual Income


For current income changes, you cannot report more than 7 days before the change occurs.


For projected annual income, you can report changes at any time.


Here is what you will need to report an income change:


  • Date of income change
  • For an increase, how frequent this income will be
  • For the loss of income, if you have employer-sponsored insurance on your MNsure application that has ended
    • If yes, you will need to provide the date it ended
  • For new income from a job, if the new employer provides health insurance
    • If yes, know the details of this insurance


How to report an Income Change to MNsure:


  • Collect the pieces of information listed above
  • Call MNsure Contact Center 651-539-2099
    • For outside of the Twin Cities, 855-366-7873


Special Enrollment Period (SEP)


A change in income may result in you qualifying or disqualifying for cost-sharing reduction or advanced premium tax credits. If this is the case, then you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period.


More information about reporting income changes to MNsure can be found here.

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