What Does Medicare Part A Cost and Cover?

MN Health Staff Writer | May 9, 2024

What is Medicare Part A?


Medicare Part A is hospital insurance.


What does Medicare Part A cover?


  • Hospital inpatient services
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Hospice care
  • Post-inpatient home health care


More specifics on what Medicare Part A covers if you are admitted to a nursing facility or hospital:


  • hospital meals
  • semi-private room (or a private room if it is determined that it is medically needed)
  • special care units
  • x-rays, lab tests, and radiation
  • nursing service
  • any of the drugs or supplies from the hospital or facility
  • rehabilitation therapy you had in the hospital
  • recovery and operating costs

Note: all of these things are only covered for a certain amount of time


What does Medicare Part A cost?


Medicare Part A Deductibles

In 2020, the Medicare Part A deductible if admitted to a hospital is $1,408.


Medicare Part A Premiums

Typically, people do not have to pay a premium on part A, premium-free Part A. You qualify for a premium-free part A if:

- for 10 years, you or your spouse has paid medicare payroll taxes

- you or your spouse had medicare under government employment

- you get or are eligible to receive social security or railroad benefits


For the first 60 days, Part A pays all the costs of the services covered. For days 61-90 in the hospital, you will pay a set annual coinsurance amount per day. The 2020 coinsurance amount is set at $352.


If you surpass these 90 days, with Part A there is a lifetime reserve which is 60 days. These additional days also have a per day coinsurance amount. In 2020, this lifetime reserve coinsurance payment is $704 a day.


How much will I pay for Medicare Part A?


If you are 65+ with less than 40 quarters of coverage (or certain people with disabilities), in order to opt into enrolling in Medicare Part A, you will pay a monthly premium.

If you or your spouse had at least 30 quarters of coverage, you can buy Medicare Part A for a monthly premium of $252 in 2020. This is a reduced rate.

If you have less than 30 quarters of coverage, you will pay the full premium. The 2020 monthly premium rate is $458.


Am I eligible for Medicare Part A?


Do you fall under one of the following categories:

  • 65+ U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident for 5 consecutive years
  • receive retirement benefits
  • receive disability benefits or are disabled
  • have ALS
  • have end-stage renal disease

If so, you are eligible for Medicare Part A.


When can I enroll for Medicare Part A?